In the era of homogenization, Ximei seams brand reputation helps the development

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With the continuous improvement of consumers' consumption awareness and the continuous change of consumers' demand, mattress enterprises should also innovate in line with the development of the times. At present, consumers' demand for has changed from practicality to the coexistence of practicality and personalization. However, contrary to consumer awareness, plagiarism and imitation often appear in the market, and the proliferation of Shanzhai hurts the original enterprises. The prevalence of plagiarism in the industry has exposed the fundamental problems of insufficient overall design ability and lack of innovation in the industry.


Innovation should not be the bottleneck

A series of problems derived from homogenization can not be ignored. At present, the future real estate market will not soar or collapse, with a high vacancy rate and a longer decoration cycle. Therefore, in the short term, the homogenization and vicious competition in the sanitary ware market will become more intense. Most sanitary ware enterprises rely on hard strength such as equipment, plant and scale as their core competitiveness, and weak enterprises may face bankruptcy and bankruptcy. Therefore, only reformers advance, only innovators are strong, and only reform innovators win.

Intellectual property rights can ensure the fairness and legitimacy of product competition. The protection of intellectual property rights, brand, culture and winning sales can form a strong soft power that will not go bankrupt and provide a solid backing for enterprises. With the continuous development of society and more and more challenges in the sanitary ware market, in the face of this situation, sanitary ware enterprises can only keep innovating in order to gain a firm foothold in the market. Innovation should not become a bottleneck, but a driving force. This problem is worthy of positive thinking and unremitting efforts of sanitary ware enterprises.

Enterprises need to protect their own rights and interests

As the industry's boundary against plagiarism is not clear enough and the corresponding legal norms are not perfect, sanitary ware enterprises need self-discipline on the one hand, and strengthen maintenance on the other hand to safeguard the rights and interests of enterprises.


First of all, enterprises should be strict with themselves and refuse to plagiarize. "Plagiarism is not conducive to the long-term development of enterprises except that it can obtain short-term benefits. Only by being strict with themselves and refusing to plagiarize, can sanitary ware enterprises become rigid Sanitary Ware brands in the industry and take the lead.

Secondly, enterprises need to use appropriate means to safeguard their own rights and interests. Now the legal norms of the industry are indeed not perfect, and there are loopholes that can be exploited. Therefore, enterprises can not only rely on legal norms to restrict plagiarism. Enterprises should also take the initiative to register original products, apply for patents and so on to protect their own rights and interests. Enterprises can make good use of word-of-mouth to help their development. Word of mouth refers to consumers' evaluation of enterprises and consumers' cognition of the brand after contacting the brand. Brand awareness is only for the brand, so word-of-mouth can not be copied.