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In the past, in order to meet the functional needs of life, compared with the living room and bedroom with large space, people always tried to cover up the existence of the bathroom, and even ignored its aesthetic performance. However, with the improvement of living standards, in order to create a healthier living environment, people will carefully select household products and accessories suitable for the bathroom. In order to save indoor space, people invented wall type sanitary ware and embedded shower room; In order to create a more comfortable and warm bathroom, the decorations in the bathroom are novel in shape, and the matching of floor tiles and wall tiles is also seeking innovation and change. Now let Xiaobian introduce several representative toilet decoration schemes.

Layered modern simplicity

Modern style home is mainly simple. The common color is gray, white and black, and its mix and match effect is full of design sense. Designers highlight the lighting brightness of the toilet through the difference of color and size. Generally, the color of wall tiles will be lighter and the size will be smaller, while the color of floor tiles will be deeper and the size will be relatively larger.


Romantic and retro European style

For most people with nostalgic complex, European home decoration is a good choice. Exquisite and elegant wall panels, cut three-dimensional curtains, Chic French chandeliers, highly respected armchairs in Louis XIV period, retro and stable sanitary ware and wall tiles with wallpaper style are combined. When the light is projected in, it will form a romantic and retro illusion effect.

Bold and free Mediterranean life

Designers who are familiar with Mediterranean architectural style always choose soft colors that are close to nature, make full use of every inch of space, and have originality in home decoration matching. Iron mirror headlights, reddish brown tiles, sea blue bathroom cabinets and shower rooms, this atmospheric and pleasant color combination reproduces the Bold Freedom along the Mediterranean coast and exudes ancient and noble pastoral flavor and cultural taste.

With the continuous development of society, people's home environment is also changing, ranging from the design style of buildings to the collocation of every decoration, which is closely related to our life. In many living environments, the bathroom is a place conducive to physical care and seeking peace, so it has become the main space for modern people to enjoy life. Whether the furnishings of the toilet are scientific and reasonable marks the high and low quality of family life. To treat the bathroom carefully is to carefully defend the health and comfort of yourself and your family.

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