On the importance of customization and design of mattress Enterprises

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With the upgrading of consumption, people's living requirements have been improved qualitatively, and they no longer pay blind attention to price. New products and fashionable design have become their consumption points. Under this trend, personalized and customized consumption has spread in the home decoration industry, and the bathroom industry presents a trend of "private customization".

"Aesthetic demand" leads the consumption upgrading of home mattresses

The post-90s have gradually become the main group in the home decoration consumption market. In fact, this is also the basis for the rise of customized home decoration. Different from the traditional post-60s and Post-70s consumers, they pay more attention to the overall life art of home, and the uniform home decoration can no longer meet their pursuit of personalized life.


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Moreover, consumers' requirements for the utilization rate of home decoration, whether space or design, have increased, and it is not surprising that customized sanitary ware has just met the advantages of personalized aesthetic needs, sufficient sense of design, high space utilization and convenient installation. It has become the darling of the market.


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Private custom-made unique design can be expected in the future

In the past two years, in the private custom-made home decoration, the "one-stop" home design has become more and more popular in the market. In fact, young consumers pay more attention to home decoration design rather than construction. Therefore, major mattress brands should advocate allowing designers to return to the original intention of design and restore the dominant position of home decoration "design".

In addition, major mattress brands should change from simply selling products to promoting "exquisite and comfortable lifestyle", so as to lead the home decoration design industry back to a more transparent and standardized market atmosphere. "Private customization" has emerged with the development of the times. Only by integrating the essence of science and technology and art, listening to every micro idea of consumers, and turning dreams into reality with the power of science and technology, can enterprises get a good start.